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DIN934 / ISO4032 Hexagon regular nuts

DIN934/F Hexagon regular nuts fine threaded

DIN6923 / ISO4161 Hexagon Nuts With Flange

DIN929 Hexagon weld nuts

DIN928 Square weld nuts

DIN439 - DIN936 Hexagon Thin Nut

DIN6915 High-Strength Structural Bolting Assemblie

DIN980 / ISO7042 Prevailing torque type all-metal

ANSI B18.2.2 UNC-UNF Hexagon Nut

Hexagon regular nut iron

Hexagon regular nut UNF threaded

DIN 985 Nylon Hexagon Nut With Flange

DIN 6927 Previaling Torque With Flange Nut 6 / 8 /

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