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Automotive Products

Wheel Bolt

Hexegonal Bolt with Double Washers

Hexegonal Bolt With Single Washer

Pan Head With Cross Recessed Tapping Screw

İnbus Head With Washer Screw

Pan Head With Torx Tapping Screw

Special Weld Bolts

Tapping Screws and Bolts

Perno Welding Pins

Rough Ball Stud

Double End Collar Stud

External Six Lobes With Flange Bolts

Screw For Furniters

Pan Head With Flange and Cross Resseced Drive

Countersunk Head With Hexegonal Socket

Plug Bolts

Bellow Bolts

Pins and Rivets

Crown Head Screws

Stud Bolts

Plastic Tapping Screws With Hexegonal Flange Head

Hollowed Parts and Bushes

Exhaust Bolts

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